Vegetable and Bean Curd

(w. White Rice or Brown Rice)
113. Sauteed Shanghai Bak Choy (S)6.15 (L)8.50
114. Sauteed String Bean (S)6.15 (L)8.25
115. Mixed Vegetable (S)6.15 (L)8.25
spicy116. Broccoli w. Garlic Sauce (S)6.25 (L)8.50
spicy117. Chinese Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce (S)6.15 (L)7.95
spicy118. General Tso's Tofu (S)7.25 (L)9.50
spicy119. Fried Tofu and Broccoli
w. Brown Sauce or Garlic Sauce
(S)6.15 (L)7.95
120. Sauteed Cabbage (S)6.50 (L)8.50